2019-20 R.C.I.A.

Are you interested in becoming Catholic? Or simply desire more information about the Catholic faith?

From the time of the apostles, becoming a Christian has been accomplished by a journey and initiation in several stages. This journey can be covered rapidly or slowly, but certain essential elements will always have to be present: proclamation of the Word, acceptance of the Gospel entailing conversion, profession of faith, Baptism itself, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and admission to Eucharistic communion (CCC, no. 1229).  This rite and tradition in the Church is called, The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

If you are interested in becoming Catholic or just have some interest in learning more about Catholicism now is the time to act.  Classes begin on Aug. 11th following the 10:00AM Sunday Mass in the St. Peter Claver room from 11:15AM to 1:00PM.

Please contact Meg Warner to register at mwarner@stjohnevangelist.net.

For more information, please contact Meg Warner or Fr. Thomas Zahuta email: tzahuta@archatl.com, ph. 404-768-5647 x214.