Baptism Policies

Baptism Policies

Policies for the Sacrament of Baptism

The celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism takes place at SJE on the second Saturday of the Month at 11 am. With the approval of the priest, the Baptism may be arranged at another time.

Contact the parish office at 404-768-5647 to schedule a baptismal date or obtain additional information.

To baptize a child in a Catholic church, the parents are required to assure the church that the child will be raised as Catholic and give every benefit of Christian and Catholic upbringing.

Parishioners in good standing with the SJE (Must be registered with the church for at least six (6) months):
In order to baptize a child as a Catholic, at least one of the parents must be Catholic.

Parents with Children under 7 years old:
Parents must attend the SJE Baptism Preparation Program.

Parents with Children 7 years old and up:
Children must attend SJE Sunday classes a minimum of 9 months prior to being baptized. Children will also need to attend weekly Sunday masses with their parents. Contact the Director of Religious Education, Daphny Keel at 404-514-2256 for additional information about Catechism classes.

If it is a desire to Baptize your child at another Catholic church, permission from the pastor of SJE is required. This permission includes verification of your membership at SJE and attendance at the Baptism Preparation Program.

New Parishioners
Parents must achieve parishioner-in-good-standing status before child can be baptized.

Parents requesting Baptism at SJE must secure a letter from their parish certifying they are members in good standing, have attended a Baptismal Preparation Program and have obtained the Pastor’s permission to have the Baptism take place at SJE.

• The maximum number of godparents is two, one male and/or one female.
• Ideally both Godparents should be Catholic; however, at least one must be Catholic. A Non-Catholic may be chosen, but he/she acts as a Christian witness, rather than a godparent.
• Must be above the age of sixteen
• Must be confirmed
• Must be active member in good standing at a Catholic church
• Cannot be parent of child
• Must attend SJE Baptism Preparation Class or provide letter certifing class was taken at another parish.

SJE Baptism Preparation Classes
Baptism Preparation Classes are held at 8:00 a.m. on the second Sunday of March, June, September and December in the Peter Claver Room. Contact Nick Goodly at 678-414-4383 or for more information.